Green Suits, Brown Shirts by Carrie and Eric

Before I begin this one, a little background:

Carrie and Eric are both fellow security guards here at the resort and the following post was taped up inside the officer locker where we keep our jackets and what not.  I hope this poem can give you all a better insight to the job here.  Enjoy!

Green Suits, Brown Shirts

by Carrie Johnson and Eric Weaver


Darkness, insomnia,

Mind-numbing, roving, lingering,

Two rise with the sun, two sleeps with the sun-

Signing, stamping, safe opening,

Hetic, speedy,


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Daily Life Update


Hello all! I before I begin my story, I first want thank everyone who has been reading my bloggage and posting comments. I am so happy that you all enjoy the site and I will continue to do my best and give my fans the stories they wanna read. And to Ryan, since I know you will ask: Yes, I will send you an autographed picture.

Well, things here in Garmisch have been going really well since we last talked. Andrew and I are continuing our recycling venture with success and we daydream frequently over what to spend our riches on. I am currently on the hunt for a mountain bike since spring is right around the corner. There is this Cannondale F300 (over a $500 bike) parked out on the employee bike rack, unlocked, that never seems to move; I got my eye on’er. The other day, I moved it to another space across the rack just to see if the owner would lock it up. Nothing. So, today I put a note on the rear fender with my phone number letting him know that I am interested. Keep our fingers crossed.

I have also been quite busy planning a few trips as well. Andrew and I are working on tying up some loose ends with our trip to Normandy, France. We are looking to take off for Paris on June 21st. Bayeux, a city about 10km from the beaches, is a 2 hour train ride from Paris and it is where our hotel and tour H.Q. is located. Our trip is planned for 4 days giving us plenty of time for the American highlights and Band of Brothers tours, plus an extra day just to hang out in Bayeux. I am also working on taking a little break to Barcelona, Spain on April 14th for 3 days. A co-worker of mine was going with a friend who flaked after after she already purchased tickets and had the time off work. I already have those days off too…so why not?

Speaking of work, I will be pulling a schedule of nothing but graveyard shifts starting April 12th. The boss was looking for someone to give Charles, another security guard, a break from the graves and I volunteered. It puts me on the bosses good side and I get a set schedule. I start at 10:30pm and work till 7:00. After I get off, I eat breakfast and try to keep busy till about 2:00pm; then, I sleep. I actually prefer it to any of the other shifts, believe it or not. It is nice to get off at 7 and have the morning to do whatever. I am free to snowboard, bike; hike; hit up the grocery store; or just laze around. The best part was that I was offered 3 days off a week, of which were my choice (I chose Mon, Tues, and Wed), and I get a night and Sunday bonus. Not bad right?? We will see how I feel about this after a few months thou…

Well, that is the latest here in Germany! Stay tuned for Andrew and Chris Travel Thru Time German Style, and 10 Secrets for Getting Rid of that Nasty Rash for Good!

Auf weidersehen and guten tag!



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