An Abrams Easter


Did everyone have a good time on Easter this year? I have to say, this year I sure did miss hunting Easter eggs all by myself at Grandma’s while everyone looked on and laughed… and of course who could forget the Annual Easter Quiz Game in which we all could experience famous family quotes such as: “SHE WINS EEEVERYTHINGG!” Anyone remember who said that one??

Luckily, I had to night off on Sunday and I was able to join my new family for a extravagant Easter diner; I even helped cook! Granted, it was no diner like Grandma’s, but hey; if God gives you Lemons, make juice and shut up and eat your beans*.

I met up with our chief of the evening, Misty, at 5:30p to go over the diner game plan. Luck for us, Misty is a graduate of the Portland Oregon Culinary Arts School, so I felt we were in good hands. I had just woken up from a grave’s night rest, but was look’n good in my blue button up and jeans. Chief Misty had purchased two whole chickens and a variety of fresh veggies for us from local market the day before. Our chickens still had to thaw out a bit, so diner was still a couple hours away. We loaded all our ingredients up into this wooden crate I scored from the hallway a while back and headed to the small, cold kitchen that was to be the setting for our first German Easter.

Chief Misty was the boss of the evening, and so after a few instructions on knife wielding, I was off chopp’n potatoes, eggplant, onions, and carrots like a pro. Once the chicken had finished thawing I had to rub it with sea salt and pepper, which I wasn’t to thrilled about that. The feel of a raw cold chicken is just, uhhg. We placed our chickens over the bed of assorted veggies and our potatoes in the ovens just as our guests arrived. We even whipped up a quick cheese and cracker plate for them all to enjoy with their wine. I’m tell’n you, we spared no expense! While our birds were in the oven, Misty and I shared a bottle of Pinot from Cali., ate some cheese and mingled with our company. We were cooking diner for about 7 people last night and I have to say, we did a damn good job! I was in charge of the potatoes and man, did I master that! After the potatoes were done we threw in a quick batch of croissants. And not soon after that, the birds were ready! Plates were set and people dug in. Like I said, it was no Easter like at home, but I think that you all would have been proud. We even argued! Ah, true family.

Well, again, I hope that everyone had a Hoppy Easter and I it is too bad that I was not able to be there to pull the chair from underneath Uncle Larry!

I love and miss you all!

Oh, since I missed this years Annual Easter Quiz Game, I have a Easter riddle of my own for you all to solve…enjoy and no cheating!

What was the Easter Bunny’s campaign slogan when he ran for President?


*Quotes provided by: Peter Lemonjello and Chuck Barry

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