The ‘Force’ is with Me


Hello everyone and welcome back!  Today, I am writing from an Internet cafe next to our local bakery.  I felt a sudden rush of inspiration to kick the blog back on and therefore decided not not waste another minute.  Enjoy!

Something I have been thinking about lately;  Books: how we choose them and how they sometimes seem to choose us.  The best books I’ve read I did not pick out myself.  Actually, I have a really hard time deciding on books.  Although I like to read, I think the complication is that I have yet to develop a favorite author, genre, or font size.  So, I guess you could say that I heavily rely on the books ability to choose me…  Recently this has happened and it is good.

Our security office at the hotel has a special gravitational force the seems to attract the crap of many people lives.  This ‘force’ seems to be most powerful in the bottom drawer of the work desk.  This is the drawer that is twice as large as all the rest and is usually reserved for file storage.  But not here.  Allow me to attempt to document its contents:  2 fleece gloves (both lefts); 1 roll of toilet paper; 1 cloth sack of unknown keys (approx. 1 million in sack); 3 pairs of sunglasses; 1 desk clock that prefers the local time of Malaysia (I just might send it there); 1 bottle of organic body lotion; 1 dysfunctional family of bradburysquirrels; and 1 copy of Ray Bradbury’s Twice 22. Now, while there are more objects to this drawer, they seem have been in there so long that they have lost their identities and are no longer recognizable in this dimension.  But the key object, for this post anyway (next week: The Squirrels Escape!), is the copy of Twice 22. Most know Ray Bradbury as the author of the extremely popular Sci-Fi novel Fahrenheit 451, but he is also a very accomplished short story author. Twice 22 is a collection of 44 Bradbury short stories.  Each story is no longer than 20 pages and subjects of such range from sea monsters to women flying to Mars; from witches to the destruction of wrist watches; from murders to falling in love with fairies.  I’m telling you, its like your favorite bed time stories all over again!  Twice was perhaps seconds away from transforming itself like the other unknown masses at the bottom of the ‘force drawer’ when I saved it.  I thought I’d do the right thing and return it to the library thinking I could get something out if it.  What?  I have no idea.  It’s a library.  You can’t talk there.  It’s been about two weeks since I opened Twice 22 and discovered it’s world of sea monsters destroying wrist watches, but I have read like eight short stories now and, well…I guess what I’m saying is, I really like this book and I’m thinking of stealing it from the Army.

Take that!

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