My Winter Wonderland


Hello all!

Well, Garmisch is starting to receive snow and the town is getting ready for the ski season!  Today, I thought that I would ride around the city and take some pictures for ya.  I hope you enjoy!


My favorite intersection in GAP.  You never seem to mind sitting at this red light

041Our river: the Loisach

056That’s my sweet bike in the background (yea…I almost died riding my whip in the schnee)

0621Paradise…0401From here you can see the slopes

I love this weather!  I think it has to do with the fact that I have grown up with the desert all this time and the snow is so foreign to us SoCali’s.

Hey guys, check back next week for a absolutely awesome post…guaranteed!


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  1. It’s frick’n sooOOoo sweet!

  2. Yes Larry. It is.

  3. These are wonderful pictures. You should consider a career in theoretical physics. Michio

  4. Very niiiice!
    Glad you are enjoying the weather. You might just have to move to Colorado, next door to the New Belgium brewery.
    I always enjoyed the snow in Garmisch.

  5. God, I thought it was FABULOUS in July – wish I could be there now. Chris, you have definitely discovered a piece of paradise on Earth – enjoy the remainder of your time there!


  6. Ah man, dude Im going to have to listen to Snake Pit (Shit) in my truck for you tomorrow. Its about that time of the year, ah, I think. Snake Pit that awful hardcore band, that for some reason I keep their CD in my center console. Anyways I know your missing their amazing music, lol. Hope all is well.

  7. Hahaha What made you think of Snake Pit??!! I believe track 3 is my favorite, but it’s so hard to choose!

  8. Hahaha, yeah track 3 is pretty good. But that is generally like the best album ever. Uh, I was just thinking about…..crap honestly I cant remember, lol.

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