Green Suits, Brown Shirts by Carrie and Eric

Before I begin this one, a little background:

Carrie and Eric are both fellow security guards here at the resort and the following post was taped up inside the officer locker where we keep our jackets and what not.  I hope this poem can give you all a better insight to the job here.  Enjoy!

Green Suits, Brown Shirts

by Carrie Johnson and Eric Weaver


Darkness, insomnia,

Mind-numbing, roving, lingering,

Two rise with the sun, two sleeps with the sun-

Signing, stamping, safe opening,

Hetic, speedy,


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  1. Well, for us Nine to Fivers:

    Too much sunlight, not enough sleep;
    Mind-numbing traffic;
    Swearing, Giving the Finger, Giving Up;
    Hectic Speedy Day;
    Grave or NOT!

  2. haha I agree with your mom

    In additon to That for my job add whining/Screaming Children

  3. bike
    plug in
    plugged in

  4. What is this!? Everyone has their two cents huh? Bunch of complainers…damn can of worms.

  5. damn can of worms:
    alarm – is it going off already?
    shower, is there any hot water left?
    tea, breakfast (if any)
    what to wear?
    closet full of clothes
    but nothing to wear!
    what is that?
    got up early enough
    how can I be late?
    catch every goddamn red light
    is this a conspiracy?
    monday morning back at work,
    thank god I have a job,
    could be worse,
    a lot worse
    take time to smell the roses!

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