An Abrams Easter


Did everyone have a good time on Easter this year? I have to say, this year I sure did miss hunting Easter eggs all by myself at Grandma’s while everyone looked on and laughed… and of course who could forget the Annual Easter Quiz Game in which we all could experience famous family quotes such as: “SHE WINS EEEVERYTHINGG!” Anyone remember who said that one??

Luckily, I had to night off on Sunday and I was able to join my new family for a extravagant Easter diner; I even helped cook! Granted, it was no diner like Grandma’s, but hey; if God gives you Lemons, make juice and shut up and eat your beans*.

I met up with our chief of the evening, Misty, at 5:30p to go over the diner game plan. Luck for us, Misty is a graduate of the Portland Oregon Culinary Arts School, so I felt we were in good hands. I had just woken up from a grave’s night rest, but was look’n good in my blue button up and jeans. Chief Misty had purchased two whole chickens and a variety of fresh veggies for us from local market the day before. Our chickens still had to thaw out a bit, so diner was still a couple hours away. We loaded all our ingredients up into this wooden crate I scored from the hallway a while back and headed to the small, cold kitchen that was to be the setting for our first German Easter.

Chief Misty was the boss of the evening, and so after a few instructions on knife wielding, I was off chopp’n potatoes, eggplant, onions, and carrots like a pro. Once the chicken had finished thawing I had to rub it with sea salt and pepper, which I wasn’t to thrilled about that. The feel of a raw cold chicken is just, uhhg. We placed our chickens over the bed of assorted veggies and our potatoes in the ovens just as our guests arrived. We even whipped up a quick cheese and cracker plate for them all to enjoy with their wine. I’m tell’n you, we spared no expense! While our birds were in the oven, Misty and I shared a bottle of Pinot from Cali., ate some cheese and mingled with our company. We were cooking diner for about 7 people last night and I have to say, we did a damn good job! I was in charge of the potatoes and man, did I master that! After the potatoes were done we threw in a quick batch of croissants. And not soon after that, the birds were ready! Plates were set and people dug in. Like I said, it was no Easter like at home, but I think that you all would have been proud. We even argued! Ah, true family.

Well, again, I hope that everyone had a Hoppy Easter and I it is too bad that I was not able to be there to pull the chair from underneath Uncle Larry!

I love and miss you all!

Oh, since I missed this years Annual Easter Quiz Game, I have a Easter riddle of my own for you all to solve…enjoy and no cheating!

What was the Easter Bunny’s campaign slogan when he ran for President?


*Quotes provided by: Peter Lemonjello and Chuck Barry

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  1. Did you score with Misty?

    For all that work you better had.


  2. You don’t have to worry, all the details of me “scoring” with Misty will be posted soon.

  3. Umm … I think I can taste vomit.

  4. Vote Bun-Nee! (Vote for me!)
    Eggstra, Eggstra, read all about it!

    Giant Chocolate Bunny Announces Bid for Presidency … when asked about whether he could take the “heat” of running for office, Mr. Bunny said, “Who cares, I’m a frickin’ 6’4″ rabbit – piss off.” (Look out Hillary!)
    “Spring for Change!”
    “I did not inhale … Alice did … VOTE FOR ME!”
    “Big ears … Big ??? … VOTE FOR THE RABBIT-08”
    “A Vote for Me is a TRULY Vote for Change … I’m a damn rabbit you know!” (This would be a kind of long bumper sticker though.)
    “Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy – President and Vice President, 2008”
    “Egg Iraq! Vote Bunny-08”
    “America! Let’s Bounce!”


    Open 24/7!

    Monday: 2:30am – 2:35am
    Tuesday: closed
    Wednesday: 1:05pm – 12:00pm (Bring your own Flux Capacitors and DeLoreans)
    Thursday: same as Thursday
    Friday: closed for Sunday services
    Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
    Sunday: 5:00am – 9:00pm

    Open 24/7!

  6. Hi Chris:

    Easter was not the same without you. Mom made her usual feast…lots of food left over. You forgot to mention the volly ball game…Larry quit early due to lack of scoring. Connie and Gene took charge and tried to whip Brian and my mom’s butts. No way! My sweetie is tall and won them over! He could not believe how well my mom plays volly ball. She will be here Sunday to help with Sunday school and I will show her your blog.

    I am glad to see that you are cooking. Don’t listen to your brothers…girls love a guy that can cook.

    Your mom has a beautiful guest home where she is renting. Brian and I spent Saturday on her balcony having brunch. Her view is remarkable. I will send you some pictures via email as I am not familiar with blogging. By the way, how do you do spell check on this gig? I know I spelled talented wrong on my last one and could not correct it.

    I have so many beer coasters for you. I will send some to you. We really miss you. Do not have too much fun in Germany; come home soon. Send us your details on traveling and pick up some menus for me in France and Spain, ok?

    Love and miss you very much!

    Brian, Al, Lupa and Terry

  7. Well, it looks like I have connected all of the wires correctly and am back
    online – no such thing as wireless out here in the country! There are so many wires coming in and out of my computer that it gives a whole new
    meaning to “getting wired.”

    Are we going to have to wait until next Easter to get the answer to that Easter riddle? (While Bro-Ho has come up with some great ideas, I don’t think he has eggsactly cracked it yet).

    And yes, Chris, Grandma’s traditional Easter quiz was the typical family bonding experience that we have all come to know and love. If the volleyball game doesn’t get everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy, the quiz game is sure to finish the task by getting everyone all hot and frazzled. At least this year, Larry did not kick the ball into the neighbor’s yard. I guess he figured that you were not here to climb the fence and fetch it out of the neighbor’s without getting bitten by the dogs.

    Everyone was quite impressed with how you carved that turkey on Thanksgiving so it does not surprise me that you are proving to be quite
    useful in the kitchen over there. I am sure that Miss Misty was duly impressed. Looking forward to your up”dates”.

    Easter Bunny’s Campaign Slogans:

    Don’t be an egghead, vote for me!

    Make an egg-u-cated decision – place your vote in my basket!

    Hey Yokes! Easter or Wester, it’s Hare or nare!

    Love you!

  8. I would like to thank those who participated in the First Annual Times Like These Easter Quiz/Riddle. I will leave the contest open for a few more days, but with competition like “I did not inhale … Alice did … VOTE FOR ME!”, or “Make an egg-u-cated decision – place your vote in my basket!” and “America! Let’s Bounce!” you have your work cut out for ya! 🙂

  9. Vote for me because I’m dis·com·bob·u·lat·ed.

    Did I win?

  10. Over Easter, under the sparkling spring sun I was told by a very very good brand new friend of mine that the reason why there is a bunny during Easter is because when Jesus was resurrected some of the village people thought that he actually looked like a bunny!

    True story…. I guess that when Jesus, God bless him, was buried the dirt was pushed up to his face in a rather weird way. Over the three days he had grown a rather peculiar beard. When the Jews unearthed our blessed son, his cheeks were pushed out and his beard had resembled rabbit whiskers.

    It’s a crazy world!!

  11. Dude. WHat?!

    You might want to inform your friend that Jesus was placed in to tomb with a door made of a large stone that would take several men to move, not a grave; therefore, no dirt. Furthermore, the Jews did not unearth Jesus. When he resurrected on the third day, his body was gone as well. You are full of bunny crap.

    Good day to you, sir.

  12. Dad might have won if he said “dis-com-bunn-y-related”

    Anyway…. I am certainly glad we got back to the real reason for the season!

    How is Jared’s mustache coming along? How come we never hear from him. I thought he said he had free access to the internet.

    Good day to you all!

  13. Come to think of it, why haven’t we heard from Amy or Rich?

  14. Ok, the mustache is becoming quite fantastic. I’ve trimmed it down on the top of my lip and always keep my face clean shaven otherwise. Tonight the beast comes off and also I’m getting a haircut. I’m gonna be a new man!

    On another note, that Jesus story is absolutely absurd. I’ve thought about it alot and I just cannot imagine Jesus looking like a bunny even if his beard was a little perturbed. I’m glad Chris cleared that up.

  15. Amy and Rich both know about this site and said they would check it out…I am sure we will here from them soon once they see how frick’n cool it is!!

    To Jared: Sorry to hear that Juan Carlos is leaving….good guy.

    Thank you and guten tag

  16. OMG … here we are!

    We’ve been really busy with the boys and with going to the dessert, I mean desert, and the Lake and stuff.

    Chris! I can’t believe you’re in Australia! How long was the drive? Well, more later. Brayden just tossed Zachary into the pool … again.

  17. AMY! woo hoo!

    Believe it or not, I am not in Australia. 😛

    Germany however, is fantastic! The weather here is begining to feel like spring more and more each day, which means that it is time to get bike! In other news, my trip to Barcelona, Spain is just around the corner and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



  18. Australia … Germany … whatever. I was never very good at geometry! 🙂

    Got to run again … Brayden just threw Rich into the pool! Man he’s strong!!!

    We’re looking forward to hearing about Spain. What language do they speak there?

    Amy & Rich

  19. OK, so if geometry has to do with Germany then does Jared have any idea how to do computer programming???

    The answer is no!

    Sorry, I’m stuck here at school trying to re-program a stopwatch… Seriously this is our assignment! I had to take a break…

    And as far as Spain goes… I’m pretty sure that they speak in clicks and growls.

  20. Hi Chris…I sent you some pictures of your new home…hope you receive them. Keep in touch. It is late here but I just want you to know that we all love and miss you. Keep us posted of your travels, ok?
    Love you very much…send us some beer and wine recommendations from Spain, ok?
    Love, Brian, Terry, Big Al and Lupes

  21. Well, I may know enough about geometry, geology and geography to know that Australia and Germany are in different time zones, but I do not have a clue how you guys got those pictures in those
    little boxes! So Jared, you may not know how to program that
    stop watch but at least you got a picture in that little box!! Can
    you give me a clue.

    I am looking forward to hearing all about Chris’ adventures in


  22. Dude!

    Are you hoping that this blog entry will last until next Easter? What the hell!??!

    And what’s with the Easter bunny trivia thingy. You never gave us the answer!

    (Or did you????)


    Well, got to go save the world … again.

  23. Jeez…talk about giv’n a mouse a cookie

  24. Ok so I’m just now getting to this site and the whole blogging thing. I noticed that apparently I blogged before. Either I had one too many drinks and don’t remember blogging or someone is messing with me. Rich was that you? Or Jared? Who blogged on my behalf? I’m all confused.


  25. I think it was Dad.

  26. Hi Chris:

    The blog was forwarded to Vivian and me and just finished reading most of it. I think this is a great idea to keep us all informed of your daily adventures. I think the pictures are great and look forward to seeing more.

    I am not sure quite how this blog thing works but I guess I will find out by trial and error.

    Sounds like you are having a lot of fun and enjoying like. I am proud of you in have the ba**s to do this on your own. I look forward to seeing and reading about more of your adventures. Add me to you email distribution when you start sending pictures. I know that there are also site where you can create you own site to post pictures, stories etc.

    Will blog with you later, Dave

  27. Hey, how do I post a picture like Ryan has?? Then you could see my smiling face when you wanted to.


  28. That has been a popular question lately. To post a picture you need to set up an account at Under profile options you can browse your computer for a good pic to crop and save. I am glad that you enjoy my site, I have a blast writing for everyone and getting their feedback. As far as pictures go, I am working on getting a link set up on the homepage the will direct you all to a slideshow site. Well, good to hear from you and I hope that you look forward to reading these posts as much as I do.


  29. Ryan, come clean – you were posing as Amy&Rich!! I could swear I am flashbacking to episodes of Family Ties
    with Malorie and Michael J. Fox (what was his character’s name?)

  30. Amy:

    Which drink is one too many? Just curious.

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