An Abrams Easter


Did everyone have a good time on Easter this year? I have to say, this year I sure did miss hunting Easter eggs all by myself at Grandma’s while everyone looked on and laughed… and of course who could forget the Annual Easter Quiz Game in which we all could experience famous family quotes such as: “SHE WINS EEEVERYTHINGG!” Anyone remember who said that one??

Luckily, I had to night off on Sunday and I was able to join my new family for a extravagant Easter diner; I even helped cook! Granted, it was no diner like Grandma’s, but hey; if God gives you Lemons, make juice and shut up and eat your beans*.

I met up with our chief of the evening, Misty, at 5:30p to go over the diner game plan. Luck for us, Misty is a graduate of the Portland Oregon Culinary Arts School, so I felt we were in good hands. I had just woken up from a grave’s night rest, but was look’n good in my blue button up and jeans. Chief Misty had purchased two whole chickens and a variety of fresh veggies for us from local market the day before. Our chickens still had to thaw out a bit, so diner was still a couple hours away. We loaded all our ingredients up into this wooden crate I scored from the hallway a while back and headed to the small, cold kitchen that was to be the setting for our first German Easter.

Chief Misty was the boss of the evening, and so after a few instructions on knife wielding, I was off chopp’n potatoes, eggplant, onions, and carrots like a pro. Once the chicken had finished thawing I had to rub it with sea salt and pepper, which I wasn’t to thrilled about that. The feel of a raw cold chicken is just, uhhg. We placed our chickens over the bed of assorted veggies and our potatoes in the ovens just as our guests arrived. We even whipped up a quick cheese and cracker plate for them all to enjoy with their wine. I’m tell’n you, we spared no expense! While our birds were in the oven, Misty and I shared a bottle of Pinot from Cali., ate some cheese and mingled with our company. We were cooking diner for about 7 people last night and I have to say, we did a damn good job! I was in charge of the potatoes and man, did I master that! After the potatoes were done we threw in a quick batch of croissants. And not soon after that, the birds were ready! Plates were set and people dug in. Like I said, it was no Easter like at home, but I think that you all would have been proud. We even argued! Ah, true family.

Well, again, I hope that everyone had a Hoppy Easter and I it is too bad that I was not able to be there to pull the chair from underneath Uncle Larry!

I love and miss you all!

Oh, since I missed this years Annual Easter Quiz Game, I have a Easter riddle of my own for you all to solve…enjoy and no cheating!

What was the Easter Bunny’s campaign slogan when he ran for President?


*Quotes provided by: Peter Lemonjello and Chuck Barry

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Daily Life Update


Hello all! I before I begin my story, I first want thank everyone who has been reading my bloggage and posting comments. I am so happy that you all enjoy the site and I will continue to do my best and give my fans the stories they wanna read. And to Ryan, since I know you will ask: Yes, I will send you an autographed picture.

Well, things here in Garmisch have been going really well since we last talked. Andrew and I are continuing our recycling venture with success and we daydream frequently over what to spend our riches on. I am currently on the hunt for a mountain bike since spring is right around the corner. There is this Cannondale F300 (over a $500 bike) parked out on the employee bike rack, unlocked, that never seems to move; I got my eye on’er. The other day, I moved it to another space across the rack just to see if the owner would lock it up. Nothing. So, today I put a note on the rear fender with my phone number letting him know that I am interested. Keep our fingers crossed.

I have also been quite busy planning a few trips as well. Andrew and I are working on tying up some loose ends with our trip to Normandy, France. We are looking to take off for Paris on June 21st. Bayeux, a city about 10km from the beaches, is a 2 hour train ride from Paris and it is where our hotel and tour H.Q. is located. Our trip is planned for 4 days giving us plenty of time for the American highlights and Band of Brothers tours, plus an extra day just to hang out in Bayeux. I am also working on taking a little break to Barcelona, Spain on April 14th for 3 days. A co-worker of mine was going with a friend who flaked after after she already purchased tickets and had the time off work. I already have those days off too…so why not?

Speaking of work, I will be pulling a schedule of nothing but graveyard shifts starting April 12th. The boss was looking for someone to give Charles, another security guard, a break from the graves and I volunteered. It puts me on the bosses good side and I get a set schedule. I start at 10:30pm and work till 7:00. After I get off, I eat breakfast and try to keep busy till about 2:00pm; then, I sleep. I actually prefer it to any of the other shifts, believe it or not. It is nice to get off at 7 and have the morning to do whatever. I am free to snowboard, bike; hike; hit up the grocery store; or just laze around. The best part was that I was offered 3 days off a week, of which were my choice (I chose Mon, Tues, and Wed), and I get a night and Sunday bonus. Not bad right?? We will see how I feel about this after a few months thou…

Well, that is the latest here in Germany! Stay tuned for Andrew and Chris Travel Thru Time German Style, and 10 Secrets for Getting Rid of that Nasty Rash for Good!

Auf weidersehen and guten tag!



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German Hot Potato Salad


Some people have been asking, “How is the food in Germany?”.  Well…it is fantastic!  The first German meal I had here I had to hike an hour up a mountain to get and every step was oh so well worth worth it!  I had just come home after one of my grave shifts at around 8am.  That morning it was usually warm and I walked home in only my long sleeve shirt and jeans.  When I opened the door to my room I was surprised not to find Andrew sleep’n away in his bed.  As I walked over to my bed I noticed a sheet of lined paper resting on our table which read: “Chris. I am off to Venice, Italy.  I will be back on Wednesday.  See you later! Andrew”.  Short and sweet.  What a jerk.

After I read that I was determined to have an adventure of my own!  I peered out our window and could not help but gaze up at Kramer, the mountain that sits behind our home.  People were always talking about this halfway house that was up there and how they served good beer and food.  Well, from our window I could not see the house, but I could see this huge Lowenbrau banner they had blowing in the breeze.  Well, that was all the incentive I needed!  I threw on my hiking boots, walked out the door, and started heading towards this mountain.

The hiking trial was icy and steep, but like I said, I was competing with Venice here!  I wasn’t going home until I hiked this thing and had a beer on that porch to celebrate my manhood! It was a decent hike too.  My legs were a burn’n, and my sweat was a drip’n, but man was it a beautiful morning.  Every once and while the trees would spread out and I could catch these amazing views of Garmisch and the snow topped mountains that contain it.  After about an hour of hiking I started to smell diesel exhaust in the air.  I knew I was close and sure enough around the next bend I could see the house and it’s porch.  My legs were in need of rest and my belly in need of food…and beer.  I sat down and ordered a Lowenbrau and what the menu called meatloaf.  It was the only word I recognized on there, so I thought I would go with that.  It turns out to be some pork mixture cut into two fillets with over easy eggs on top.  Delicious by the way.  The point of all this thou is the potato salad that came with my breakfast.  It was, as Grandma would say, “out of this world”!  I can’t tell you of the good mood that meal put me in.  I made some company of a German couple sitting next to me who were particularly entertained by teaching me German and listening to me butcher it.

I was sad to leave that place and the nice people I had met, but I had been up since 6pm the night before and it was about noon when I had left.  The hike down was not much easier than the hike up because now I had to be real careful of the ice and not to slip off a cliff.  When I got home I think I had the best rest I have ever had here.  I had a full belly and not one thought in my head about how wonderful Venice might be; just the potato salad.

WARNING: The following may cause heart attack, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and other health problems. Make at your own risk.

Hot German Potato Salad
from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book c.1956

Boil 6 med. potatoes (or a bag of mini potatoes) in their jackets. Peel and slice thinly.

Fry slowly in skillet, then drain on paper…
6 slices bacon

Saute in bacon fat until golden brown…
3/4 cup chopped onion

Blend in…
2 T. glour
1 to 2 T. sugar
1 1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. celery seeds
dash of pepper (needs more than a dash in my opinion)

Cook over low heat, stirring until smooth and bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir in…
3/4 c. water
1/3 c. vinegar

Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute. Stir in carefully the potatoes and the crumbled bits of bacon. Remove from heat, cover, and let stand until ready to serve.

Makes 6 to 8 servings.

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The Recyclers: A Rags to Riches Story


So, Andrew and I have this idea…Here at the hotel we are not exactly a lot of bones and as we have found out, one can spend quite a bit of money in Europe with the exchange rate and all. Another aspect of life here that we have noticed is that our fellow colleagues tend to drink their fair share of German beer. But, who can blame them? It is quite tasty! Now, while some connoisseurs do recycle their bottles, there is a small percentage here that don’t. Their bottles just get thrown in one of the numerous glass receptacles scattered around the dorms here. For the past few nights just before the kitchens close, Andrew and I scour the bins in search of loot. Some nights are better than others, but we still collect a substantial amount. I estimate we have anywhere around 40-60 bottles stashed in our room. Not bad for only a few raids. However, here is the kicker. The key our success, as it turns out, will be the euro to the U.S. dollar exchange rate. The local supermarket supplies a machine that collects glass and plastic where we can rid of our bottles and collect our euros. We save up our coin and wait for the day we can take it to the bank! With the money we save we can rent cars on base, shop for food, electronics, clothes and all kinds of stuff! This may not sound exciting to you, but when your make’n eight bucks an hour there ain’t nothing wrong with free money, however little it may be. Today was supposed to be the first day we collected on our investment.  I loaded my backpack and one trash bag full with bottles and took off to the local market that’s on my way to work.  Yup, they were closed.   I had to lug them 45min to work and I looked ridiculous (and like an alchy) doing it with a clanking trash bag and backpack crammed with bottles hanging off my back.  Lucky me I  get to look forward to that same walk home tonight…in the cold.  Oops.

CM out

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Welcome to my blog! On January 6, 2008, I made a decision that vastly changed my lifestyle; I moved out. For my whole life thus far I have lived in California, the last 17 of which in Murrieta. In October of last year, my good friend Andrew and I explored an option that was offered to us by the United States Department of Defense; live and work in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany for a hotel built for American service men and women. Long story short, we took the “gig” and now after a few months here I have decided to start this blog as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing my stories to everyone and anyone! I hope you all will enjoy reading this blog as much as I will writing it for you.

To Times Like These!


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