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How Blogs Get Started


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My Winter Wonderland


Hello all!

Well, Garmisch is starting to receive snow and the town is getting ready for the ski season!  Today, I thought that I would ride around the city and take some pictures for ya.  I hope you enjoy!


My favorite intersection in GAP.  You never seem to mind sitting at this red light

041Our river: the Loisach

056That’s my sweet bike in the background (yea…I almost died riding my whip in the schnee)

0621Paradise…0401From here you can see the slopes

I love this weather!  I think it has to do with the fact that I have grown up with the desert all this time and the snow is so foreign to us SoCali’s.

Hey guys, check back next week for a absolutely awesome post…guaranteed!


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Jacob, Husne, and myself outside a beautiful mosque. Istanbul, Turkey


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The ‘Force’ is with Me


Hello everyone and welcome back!  Today, I am writing from an Internet cafe next to our local bakery.  I felt a sudden rush of inspiration to kick the blog back on and therefore decided not not waste another minute.  Enjoy!

Something I have been thinking about lately;  Books: how we choose them and how they sometimes seem to choose us.  The best books I’ve read I did not pick out myself.  Actually, I have a really hard time deciding on books.  Although I like to read, I think the complication is that I have yet to develop a favorite author, genre, or font size.  So, I guess you could say that I heavily rely on the books ability to choose me…  Recently this has happened and it is good.

Our security office at the hotel has a special gravitational force the seems to attract the crap of many people lives.  This ‘force’ seems to be most powerful in the bottom drawer of the work desk.  This is the drawer that is twice as large as all the rest and is usually reserved for file storage.  But not here.  Allow me to attempt to document its contents:  2 fleece gloves (both lefts); 1 roll of toilet paper; 1 cloth sack of unknown keys (approx. 1 million in sack); 3 pairs of sunglasses; 1 desk clock that prefers the local time of Malaysia (I just might send it there); 1 bottle of organic body lotion; 1 dysfunctional family of bradburysquirrels; and 1 copy of Ray Bradbury’s Twice 22. Now, while there are more objects to this drawer, they seem have been in there so long that they have lost their identities and are no longer recognizable in this dimension.  But the key object, for this post anyway (next week: The Squirrels Escape!), is the copy of Twice 22. Most know Ray Bradbury as the author of the extremely popular Sci-Fi novel Fahrenheit 451, but he is also a very accomplished short story author. Twice 22 is a collection of 44 Bradbury short stories.  Each story is no longer than 20 pages and subjects of such range from sea monsters to women flying to Mars; from witches to the destruction of wrist watches; from murders to falling in love with fairies.  I’m telling you, its like your favorite bed time stories all over again!  Twice was perhaps seconds away from transforming itself like the other unknown masses at the bottom of the ‘force drawer’ when I saved it.  I thought I’d do the right thing and return it to the library thinking I could get something out if it.  What?  I have no idea.  It’s a library.  You can’t talk there.  It’s been about two weeks since I opened Twice 22 and discovered it’s world of sea monsters destroying wrist watches, but I have read like eight short stories now and, well…I guess what I’m saying is, I really like this book and I’m thinking of stealing it from the Army.

Take that!

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101st Airborne Beer Cheese Soup!

From Mom:

Well, it seems this blog site has not had a recipe posted to it lately and I just got this one from my cousin Jeanette. The list of ingredients seem typical of what Chris and Andrew might keep in stock. Also, since beer is a key ingredient, I thought Chris could experiment with a variety of German beers. He and his friends can do a taste test and let us know which beer added the most favor or if it made any difference at all.

101st Airborne Beer Cheese Soup

1 large can chicken broth
1 medium jar cheese whiz
1 can stale beer (not quite sure why it has to be stale)
cayenne pepper to taste
bacon bits
chopped green onions

Heat broth to boiling; reduce heat and add cheese whiz. Stir until cheese is melted and add beer.
Reheat but do not boil. Top with bacon bits and green onions.

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Green Suits, Brown Shirts by Carrie and Eric

Before I begin this one, a little background:

Carrie and Eric are both fellow security guards here at the resort and the following post was taped up inside the officer locker where we keep our jackets and what not.  I hope this poem can give you all a better insight to the job here.  Enjoy!

Green Suits, Brown Shirts

by Carrie Johnson and Eric Weaver


Darkness, insomnia,

Mind-numbing, roving, lingering,

Two rise with the sun, two sleeps with the sun-

Signing, stamping, safe opening,

Hetic, speedy,


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Arpil 14, 2008

Hello everyone! Today I am infact writing you from Barcelona, Spain! The hostel that I am staying at is nice enough to provide us computers for checking email and what not. The best thing of all here is the weather! Coming from Garmisch, I’m very accustomed to wearing a heavy jacket, beanie, and boots; but here a light sweater is only needed in the evening. It reminds me so much of the weather near the beaches of Southern California.

Today it was an adventure enough just to find the hostel! This place has no sign markings out front, only a buzz button with a label next to it the size of a price tag saying “Backpackers BCN”. If it wasn’t for my cat-like reflexes I would never have found the place. After finding my Spanish home, I wandered outside to the main streets and just absorbed the character of the city. They reeeaally like scooters here. From my hostel, I walked to Las Ramblas, a pedestrian zone full of shops, restaurants, and street performers. I walked for a good two hours until I found myself at the port. I took a seat at a bench and took in the first view of a beach since I have been in Europe. The sun had started to set and I had been up since 4pm the day before so I felt it was a good time to call it a day and get some sleep for the next days adventure.

April 15, 2008

A friend of mine from work, Carrie, flew into the city today. She will be here for two days before renting a car with a co-worker, Jess, and driving off to France. Today, we conquered this city by foot! We literally walked from one end to the other only stopping along the way for water, orange juice, gum, trail mix, lunch, and pictures. We saw many of the buildings along the way that make this city famous including the Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi which, by the way, has been under construction since the late 1800´s.

We also visited a park he designed for the city called Park Guell, which I guarantee is unlike any park you will ever go to in your life! Away from the buzz of the city we enjoyed booming palm trees, live music, and winding trails that lead to colorful sculptures, and stone passage ways. A top it all, the hills provided breath taking panoramic views of the city and Mediterranean Sea. Carrie and I have plans to take the buses all over the city tomorrow stopping off at whatever looks like fun. I am really itching to go to the beach again!

April 16, 2008

After walking around the city for the past few days, I was sure looking forward to taking the buses around the today.  The best deal for us was to take the touristic buses for 20€.  This was good for an all day pass, unlimited rides on three separate routes and a head set that played music and information about the areas we were driving thru.  Not a bad deal at all as long as you don’t mind riding in a bus that quite effortlessly labels you as a tourist.

But, I think that it was well worth it!  We used one bus to catch a ride down to the beach where we got off and ate sandwiches while walking by the water catching in all the sun; we cruised thru the wild streets focused on the near by architecture and listening to the wonderful history surrounding every inch of the city; we used another bus to get to the Gothic district; and finally topped it all off with the final bus riding around the western part of the city away from the beaches and hustle ‘n’ bustle.  We rode these buses from 10am to almost 7pm. *phew*  Even thou these buses look ridiculous and are typical of tourists, God they were fun.  It was nice to not have to worry for once where they hell you were going.  We just got off where ever our curiosity begged and wandered.  Somehow, by the grace of Hermes, we would make it back to these bright little bus stops and hop on again waiting for whatever was up the road.

April 17, 2007

Today is my last full day here in Barcelona.  Ironically the weather here fits my mood.  I will be sad to leave this crazy city and to make my glum worse, the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine is gone.  It has been raining all day, making travel by foot…wet.  I woke up this morning and took my first shower of the trip…yea much needed, and then sat in the snug, dry hostel with my book.  The rain stopped briefly around noon and feeling hungry I ventured out.  With the sun gone, the city seems to quite down.  I walked down the main road near my hostel looking for the first restaurant that made my mouth water.  About half way down, I ran into this Chinese restaurant that made my hunger pains peak.  It was everything that I had hoped for.  My flight leaves tomorrow at 10am and from the hostel it will take me about 2 hours to get my boarding pass and get thru security.  I also start work again tomorrow at 10pm and need to be well rested for that.  I think that I will call it a day here, start packing up and prepare for leaving this wonderful country and city.

April 18, 2008

Well, here I am now…at work.  Showing off all the pictures with friends, I feel like it was only minutes ago I was in the loud streets of Barcelona.  The minute I get back Andrew and I start talking about travels and our next destination quickly became the topic of our conversation.  France is in July, but what about Greece, Croatia, Italy, or maybe even Belgium.  After all, the traveling season has just began!  Where ever we go I hope that we have the luck and fun that I had in Barcelona, Spain.

I took tons of pictures for you guys so be on the look out for an email.



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Someth’n Stupid That I Found Hillarious at 3am

Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill

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An Abrams Easter


Did everyone have a good time on Easter this year? I have to say, this year I sure did miss hunting Easter eggs all by myself at Grandma’s while everyone looked on and laughed… and of course who could forget the Annual Easter Quiz Game in which we all could experience famous family quotes such as: “SHE WINS EEEVERYTHINGG!” Anyone remember who said that one??

Luckily, I had to night off on Sunday and I was able to join my new family for a extravagant Easter diner; I even helped cook! Granted, it was no diner like Grandma’s, but hey; if God gives you Lemons, make juice and shut up and eat your beans*.

I met up with our chief of the evening, Misty, at 5:30p to go over the diner game plan. Luck for us, Misty is a graduate of the Portland Oregon Culinary Arts School, so I felt we were in good hands. I had just woken up from a grave’s night rest, but was look’n good in my blue button up and jeans. Chief Misty had purchased two whole chickens and a variety of fresh veggies for us from local market the day before. Our chickens still had to thaw out a bit, so diner was still a couple hours away. We loaded all our ingredients up into this wooden crate I scored from the hallway a while back and headed to the small, cold kitchen that was to be the setting for our first German Easter.

Chief Misty was the boss of the evening, and so after a few instructions on knife wielding, I was off chopp’n potatoes, eggplant, onions, and carrots like a pro. Once the chicken had finished thawing I had to rub it with sea salt and pepper, which I wasn’t to thrilled about that. The feel of a raw cold chicken is just, uhhg. We placed our chickens over the bed of assorted veggies and our potatoes in the ovens just as our guests arrived. We even whipped up a quick cheese and cracker plate for them all to enjoy with their wine. I’m tell’n you, we spared no expense! While our birds were in the oven, Misty and I shared a bottle of Pinot from Cali., ate some cheese and mingled with our company. We were cooking diner for about 7 people last night and I have to say, we did a damn good job! I was in charge of the potatoes and man, did I master that! After the potatoes were done we threw in a quick batch of croissants. And not soon after that, the birds were ready! Plates were set and people dug in. Like I said, it was no Easter like at home, but I think that you all would have been proud. We even argued! Ah, true family.

Well, again, I hope that everyone had a Hoppy Easter and I it is too bad that I was not able to be there to pull the chair from underneath Uncle Larry!

I love and miss you all!

Oh, since I missed this years Annual Easter Quiz Game, I have a Easter riddle of my own for you all to solve…enjoy and no cheating!

What was the Easter Bunny’s campaign slogan when he ran for President?


*Quotes provided by: Peter Lemonjello and Chuck Barry

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